Seamlessly Scale

Bolt=Ons From Only £1.49 Per Month.

Additional resources can be purchased for your instance when you outgrow your current your current resources.

RAM, storage, vCores and bandwidth can all be scaled thus avoiding time consuming migrations and re-configuring. Our resource prices are as follows:

RAM - £1.49 Per GB
HDD Storage - £0.69 Per 10GB
SSD Storage - £0.99 Per 10GB
NVMe Storage - £1.39 Per 10GB
vCores - £1.99Per vCore
APAC BW - £1.79 Per 100GB
APAC BW - £8.99 per 1TB
Europe BW - £0.99 Per 500GB
Europe BW - £5.99 Unlimited
USA/Canada BW - £0.99 Per 100GB
USA/Canada BW - £6.99 Per 1TB

We also offer unlimited bandwidth bolt on in APAC (SG & AU) for £34.99 Per Month